Texas Star Icehouse is cooling down Texas delivering Twice the Ice and changing the way bagged ice is purchased. Were looking for individuals or investor groups who are interested in an all cash business located in the Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, or anywhere in the "pan-handle" area of Texas, that requires no employees and minimal time commitment.

This opportunity is an innovative approach in delivering bagged ice at half the local market price. It's new, revolutionary, and one of a kind. Using patented technology, an Ice House manufactures its own ice, bags it, and drops it out like a can of soda. Conveniently located on a commercial parking lot Ice Houses provide the drive up convenience of an ATM machine. They are fully automated, unmanned ice vending machines that save the consumer both time and money. In addition, our ice is never touched by human hands, possibly making it the cleanest, safest ice on the market today.

One time investment


Flexible schedule

No onsite employees


Constant cash flow

Minimal time commitment


Owning multiple machines, while developing an exclusive area

Very Few financial opportunities offer such a high return on your investment as an Ice House does, ideal for individuals, partners, or investor groups.


20 Feb 2005 > The Advocate

"Icehouse vending machines offer more ice for less money!"


3 Mar 2005 > The Fox News

"Twice The Ice, half the cash!"


13 Apr 2005 > The Times-Union

"Changing the way people buy ice. Less time, less money....a winning combination!"


Copyright 2006 Texas Star Icehouse inc

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