Texas Star Ice House is proud to introduce the "coolest" investment opportunity in years.

Produce and deliver ICE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to consumers using the unique vending strategy. The ICE HOUSE will let the consumers choose either 16lb. BAGS or 20lbs. of BULK ICE that drops directly into an ICE CHEST.

Since the ICE HOUSE can produce 500 or more vends per day, the consumer gets TWICE THE ICE for HALF THE PRICE. This Ice is never touched by human hands.




Getting Started is Easier than You Think

Purchase an ICE HOUSE and/or secure territory.
Lease a piece of land or parking lot for your ICE HOUSE.
Electricity, Water and Phone Line are the required utilities.
Practically no supplies needed, only BAGS, TWIST TIES, QUARTERS and ICE!
No on-site employees.
No repeated investments.
Ideal opportunity for small groups or partnerships.


Copyright ?2006 Texas Star Icehouse inc

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