Business Opportunity #1
Become an Ice House Owner

Ice House owners have a unique opportunity to supplement their income with low overhead and minimal time commitment.

Perhaps you're close to retirement, or maybe you need extra income for a growing family. Very few financial opportunities offer the potential to realize such a high return on your investment as the Ice House does.

It's simple:

- Purchase one or more Ice Houses

- Purchase or lease a small plot of land (or part of a busy parking lot)

- Arrange for electricity, water, and a phone line.

- There are no supplies except plastic bags and twist ties.

- No employees are necessary to be on-site. The Ice House requires very little maintenance.

- Average initial investment for 1 house is approximately $100,000.


Business Opportunity #2

Lease your land

Lease your land for an Ice House location. Unless your primary business is selling ice, most existing businesses can benefit from an Ice House being located close to them.

Because the sale of ice through Ice House America vending machines is so attractive to the consumer (twice the ice!!), it will bring additional customers to businesses located in close proximity.

If you are a business that currently sells ice but ice is not your primary business, exchanging the lease amount for your ice sales may benefit your overall business. You can be assured that if an Ice House is located close to your business and you sell ice the competition from Ice House sales will cut into your ice business profits. Don't miss this opportunity to partner with Ice House America. If you have available space (footprint 200 square feet) and believe that a partnership with Texas Star Ice House could enhance your current business, please Contact Us!




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